•  ALEXA Mini & Mini LF housing

    Including WCU 4 & Surface Video Feed

    Underwater Film & Photography Production in Turkey

    The magical world of underwater for your film sets

    Sony A7 S III & Nauticam Housing with RAW option

    Sony's DSLR Video Flagship, is now ready to be submerged, with our teams experience


    During the shootings, we offer both video feed with HD-SDI cable and communication ability with the camera operator from the surface.

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    ARRI Alexa Mini & ARRI Alexa Mini LF Nauticam Housing


    After Arri Alexa Mini also with Alexa Mini LF housing it is possible to shoot underwater.


    Compatible with most of PL mount lenses on the market, our housing also provides simultaneous surface image transfer, focus and aperture control from the surface with the WCU_4.




    • Alexa Mini Underwater Housing
    • TV logic 058/055 Monitor + Underwater Housing
    • Extension ports compatible with PL mount lenses
    • Flat Port
    • Dome Port 
    • HD-SDI Cable for simultaneous image transfer to the surface (for director's monitor)
    •  WCU-4 Control Cable (for aperture,focus and zoom control from the surface)
    • Underwater Speaker and Communication System
    • GoPro 6 Black Edition
    • Lighting Systems
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    Sony A7 S III & Atomos Ninja V & Nauticam Housing

    The latest flagship of Sony's DSLR video!



    •  Sony A7S III
    •  Nauticam A7S III Housing
    • Sony G Master 16-35 & 24-70 lenses
    • Atomos Ninja V Monitor + Underwater Case
    • HD-SDI Simultaneous image transfer to the surface (for BNC monitor / Director monitor)
    • Underwater Speaker / Communication System
    • Fixed Underwater Light System
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    Panasonic GH5s & Nauticam Housing

    Our GH5s set is a compact and versatile solution for cinema grade projects that needs DCI 4K 10 Bit 4:2:2



    • Panasonic Lumix GH5s
    • Panasonic 14-42 Power OIS Lens
    • Nauticam GH5 Underwater Case
    • TVlogic 058 Monitor + Underwater Case
    • Nauticam WWL1 (Optical wide angle converter for underwater use) 
    • Underwater Speaker and Communication System
    • GoPro 6 Black Edition  
    • Lighting Systems
    canon 5D sualti cekimi

    Canon 5D Mark4 & Nauticam Housing

    Nauticam housing, a custom-built wide-angle port for underwater use and Canon's new legendary 5D Mark 4, our Canon DSLR setup is ready for fast and gerilla style underwater shootings.



    • Compatible with Canon 5D Mark IV / Canon 5D Mark III / Canon 5DSR 
    • Nauticam 5DMark4 Housing
    • Canon 14mm f2.8 / Canon 24mm f2.8 / Canon 17-40 f4 / Canon 24 -70 f2.8 Lens Options
    • Combatible with Zeiss Distagon 21 / 28 /35 mm lenses 
    • TVlogic 058/055 Monitor + Underwater Case
    • HD-SDI Cable (Simultaneous image transfer to the surface for Directors monitor)
    • 2 Units of 4000 Lumens Itorch ProVideo Continuous light
    • Underwater Speaker / Communication System
    • Fixed Underwater Lighting System


    4K sualti raw sualti cekim cekimi alexa blackmagic 2.5K kiralama sualti kameraman kameramani

    Blackmagic 2,5K / 4K Raw & Nauticam Housing

    Compact solutions for wonders in the post-production! 4K / 2,5K and 2K Raw or 422 ProRes recording option, 12 stop dynamic range!



    • Blackmagic 2.5K CinemaCamera & 4K ProductionCamera
    • Nauticam BMCC Underwater Case
    • HD-SDI Simultaneous image transfer to the surface (for BNC monitor / Director monitor)
    • Canon 16-35 f2.8 / Tokina 11-16 f2.8 lens options
    • Underwater Speaker / Communication System
    • Fixed Underwater Light System


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    Sony PMW EX1 & Gates housing

    With Gates Housing, underwater specially designed optical lenses, you can take advantage of your camcorder's lens, at least as effectively as you can, and sometimes even more!



    • Sony PMW-EX1 1080p Camcorder
    • Gates EX1 Underwater Case
    • EM43 Underwater Monitor
    • SWP44C Special optical wide angle port for underwater
    • Underwater Speaker / Communication System
    • Fixed Underwater Light System

    We bring magic of underwater to you!

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    Underwater Film & TVC & TV Shows

    Make your difference with pro grade underwater images in your series, movies and commercials!

    We are submerging your film set depending on your needs, including

    4K 444Prores 60p, 4K Cinema DNG, 2K 444Prores 200p codecs


    We broadcast underwater music for simultaneous image transfer to the surface, voice communication with the underwater team, and even for your clip work.

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    Underwater Concept and Fashion Shooting

    Do you care for the fascinating impact of your underwater concept and your fashion photos ?

    With our professional underwater photographers, lights and flashes, we are ready to offer you the most beautiful photos with our water-resistant canvas funds in various sizes.

    Megapixel monsters Canon 5DSR and Sony A7R2 are ready for shootings.

    You would not believe the results!


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    Underwater Documentary Shooting

    Our Underwater Imaging team offers you the most beautiful underwater scenes for all your documententary works

    You're making a documentary and you need underwater footage / cameramen?


    Our team of experts on underwater life and behavior guarantees you a spectacular underwater footage in broadcast standards.


    Production & Post Production

    Our founding team has sectoral experience in Video Production, Motion Graphics Design and Video Editing.

    Do you need a film that requires underwater videography?


    Our experienced team in the industry can undertake all phases of your film including post-production.



    sualtı ışıkları sualti isigi

    Fixed Underwater Light Systems

    Special light systems for underwater work



    Total 3 Underwater Par Light systems.

    You will not believe in strength and light qualities!

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    Surface Feeding Systems

    Whether you are using your own director monitor, you can simultaneously monitor and control underwater shooting


    All of our sets support HD-SDI out (BNC) systems.


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    Underwater Communication Kit

    World famous OceanReef Brand Underwater Communication System


    Thanks to our OceanReef communication kit, you can communicate with the underwater camera operators simultaneously, you can instruct the surface feeding system to check the framing you are watching.


    sualtı hoperlörü sualti hoperloru

    Underwater Speaker Set

    It is now easy to communicate with underwater!


    3 underwater speakers, 6 channel mixer and microfonded underwater loudspeaker set give equal sound distribution under the 500 square meter underwater. Thus, you can direct the actor, the model, the cameramen, and you can broadcast underwater music in your music videos


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    Moving Underwater Light Systems

    For on camera lighting


    We can use two 500W Greenforce brand underwater light, 1 custom made 1KW Led Panel and two 4000 lumens Itorch 7 underwater lights if necessary, fixed or mobile.


    sualti seti

    Canvas Funds

    Canvas funds in Blue and Black colors


    Our water resistant canvas funding is very helpful to us especially in dramatic lighting needs.


  • Our Team

    Özgür Gedikoğlu

    Underwater DOP / Founding Partner

    Çetin Şeker

    Underwater Filming Director / Partner

    Cenk Tatarer

    Underwater Cinematographer

    Çetin Araç

    Underwater Cinematographer


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